Laurel Lee for Congress

The Issues

Laurel is proud to represent the people of Florida’s 15th Congressional District. Before she was elected in 2022, Laurel served as a federal prosecutor, a judge, and as Florida’s 36th Secretary of State. She is a strong supporter of both Governor Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump for their proven track records of fighting for conservative values and the policies that keep America safe, prosperous and free.

Laurel knows that Florida needs leaders in Congress who will stand up for them and for conservative values and principles.

Here’s where she stands on the issues:


Because of the Biden administration, Floridians are facing historic inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. Laurel will fight for policies to get the economy back on track and put more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans, like cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes, balancing the budget, and reviving the Keystone Pipeline.

Laurel has fought to reverse the failed, left-wing Biden agenda in Congress, so we can grow our economy, fight inflation, secure America, and restore American energy independence.

Laurel will also fight for good-paying American jobs and will support removing burdensome regulations and taxes on families and small businesses.

Law Enforcement

Laurel is a former judge and prosecutor who is a strong supporter of law enforcement and will stand up to the radical liberals who want to defund the police.

As a former federal prosecutor, she has seen firsthand the vital role police play in our criminal justice system. They are a critical part of a law-abiding society, and Laurel knows we must support our law enforcement officers to keep our streets and communities safe.

Laurel spent most of her career working to stop the trafficking and exploitation of women and children. She knows how devastating this terrible crime is to survivors and their families, and she has continued working in Congress to fight for survivors and to end the violence.

Second Amendment

Laurel is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. She will always fight to protect the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners from radical gun-control liberals.


Laurel is pro-life and pro-family. She believes so many of the problems we face as a country are due to the breakdown of families and a federal government that is hostile to religious liberty.

Families should also have the right to choose what is best for their children. Laurel will fight for parents’ choice when it comes to schools because they know what is best for their families.

Border Security

Laurel believes we have an illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. The Biden administration, since day one, has reversed immigration policies that were working. Now, our border is under attack, drawing in millions of illegal immigrants, including criminals, and deadly fentanyl that is devastating communities across the country – this is unacceptable. As part of the Homeland Security Committee, Laurel and her Republican colleagues have been leading the fight to put an end to this crisis. Our national security depends on securing our border.

She supported a comprehensive border package in Congress to secure our border and to stop the flood of illegal immigration. This includes stopping drug cartels and human traffickers, as well as supporting our Customs and Border Patrol Agents with the tools and technology needed to secure our border.

Laurel supports finishing the Trump Border Wall and reinstating Trump administration border policies, like Remain in Mexico, as well as deporting illegal immigrants who enter the country unlawfully.


Americans’ trust and faith in our elections must be restored. 

Laurel is the former Florida Secretary of State, appointed by Governor DeSantis, where she worked to strengthen Florida’s election integrity and cyber security to ensure that Florida has free and fair elections.

She will work to ensure that elections across America are transparent, lawful, and reliable, because Americans deserve to have confidence in the integrity and security of their vote.

Military & Veterans

Our nation owes our veterans and active duty servicemembers a debt of gratitude. As the daughter of a two-star Air Force General, Laurel understands firsthand how much servicemembers and their families give to ensure our freedoms are protected. She was raised in a family that taught her to love our country and respect our flag. The commitment and honor of those serving and those who have served, and their families, is what keeps our nation safe.

With over 45,000 veterans and active duty servicemembers in Florida’s 15th Congressional District, Laurel will fight to ensure that our military is supported, our national defense is strong, and our veterans are receiving the care they earned and deserve. As our veterans have once served us, now it is our turn to serve them.

America First

The radical left and Washington liberals are taking this country in the wrong direction, and they have lost sight of American values. We should be proud to be Americans. Laurel will fight to defend the Constitution and preserve American values. She will continue to stand up for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity.